History and Modern Applications of X-Rays

History and Modern Applications of X-Rays We see X-Rays all the time in television, science fiction novels, and comic book superheroes, but what is fact and what is fiction? By examining their makeup, history, modern applications, dangers, protection, and even possible future developments we can understand these scientific marvels far better and more accurately than watching an episode of Star Trek or reading a Superman comic. First and most important is to analyze why an X-ray works and what it is. These “rays” are high energy, low wavelength beams of electromagnetic energy – very similar to the light we can see; only they are completely invisible to us because […]

Historical Foundations in the Field of Psychology

Abstract This final assignment is a reflective paper in which the historical, philosophical, and empirical foundations of the field of learning in psychology and its applications will be discussed. Additionally, there will be a discussion of the ways that history has helped to shape important contemporary learning theories and issues. Lastly, the paper will provide an explanation of how specific topics and information such as instrumental conditioning techniques and the usefulness of different learning styles may impact my personal and professional life and how the different aspects of the field of learning have added value to my body of knowledge as a student and future professional in the field of […]

Case Study – Malden Mills

Malden Mills Malden Mills, a family business that produces textile and employed thousands of people in the same communities in which they manufactured their product. The company was founded in 1906 and over the years, has a good reputation of social responsibility in the community and a great concerned of its employers. The company’s chief executive officer- Aeron Feuerstein believed the best way to run a successful company is through its employers. Making sure that the employers are treated as asset of the company, and making them feel as if they are part of the company not just a worker. Aeron Feuerstein feels deeply committed to its employers, and the […]

Ipad Preliminary Marketing Report

Executive Summary This Preliminary Marketing Report has been prepared upon being commissioned by Apply to provide the company with an analysis of the market and an overview prior to launching the iPad product into the Australian market. The report will give an overview of the current situation along with strategies for the future. It looks at observing the current competitors that are aimed against the iPad and defining the industry in which the product is planned to be launched in. The analysis includes a macro economic analysis environment for the Apple iPad which includes the political-legal, economic, socio-cultural and technology factors along with reviewing the way consumer behave in regards […]

Characteristics of Developing Countries

The theme of this essay is: the importance of a study of other semi-developed countries as they struggle for economic growth, the elimination of mass poverty and, at the political level, for democratisation and the reduction of reliance on coercion. New countries are finding their voices in all sorts of ways and are managing to interest an international audience. South Africa is not least among them; contemporary international consciousness of the travail of our particular path towards modernity testifies at least to a considerable national talent for dramatic communication and (for those who care to look more deeply) a far from extinct tradition of moral conscientiousness. One aspect of this […]

“the Wild Honeysuckle”

Philip Freneau was one of the most well known authors in the history of early American Literature. Freneau focuses on the many social problems that concern him such as the beauty of nature and the uniqueness of it. Philip Freneau utilizes a language full of imagery. The analysis of “The Wild Honeysuckle” should convey and uncovers the significance of inclusion of nature. In order to comprehend Freneau poem, “The Wild Honeysuckle” we should look at the defining features of the flower. The species have sweetly scented bell shaped flowers that produce a sugary edible nectar. The fruit on the sweet honeysuckle consists of berries and they can be in various […]

The Importance of Individual Duty – Death and the King’s Horseman

Rights and Duties are an integral part of everyone’s life. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, for this world to go on if we do not assume our rights and duties. As Nelson Rockefeller said, I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation, every possession, a duty. Everyone in this world has some duty to perform, ranging from the head of the country to run the county to a common man to earn bread for his household. Wole Soyinka in his play Death and the King’s horseman shows the commitment of the characters towards their duties and the conflicts that arise when they try […]

Writing an Explanatory Paper

Writing an explanatory paper What motivates some individuals to volunteer or perform community service? On my way to church one Saturday morning, I happen to noticed quite a few young people with card board signs in their hands as I drove through my community. They were standing on the sidewalks waving their signs left and right. As the traffic came to a stop at a traffic light, some of them rushed to my vehicle and asked for donations. While dropping a few dollars into one of their cups, I happen to notice their signs reading “Support the relief of Haiti”. As I continued on my journey I pondered the question, […]

An Approach of Condition Monitoring of Induction Motor Using Mcsa

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS, ENGINEERING & DEVELOPMENT Volume 1, Issue 1, 2007 An Approach of Condition Monitoring of Induction Motor Using MCSA Neelam Mehla, Ratna Dahiya Abstract—With the industrial growth, it has become necessary to monitor the condition of the machine/system. Electrical machine being the most sensitive part has great importance for the researcher to monitor the faults diagnosis. Three phase squirrel cage motor is normally use for industrial purposes. Various techniques are used to control the speed such as DTC (Direct Torque Control), Vector Control, Close Loop Feedback Control etc. Small single phase Induction machine are used for home appliances hence the machine monitoring plays an important role […]

Criminal Justice Case Study

A Diamond Personality-Criminal Justice Case Study The individual assignment is to read the Case Study, A Diamond Personality, and answer the four discussion questions that follow the Case Study. The subject of this personality case study is Oscar Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a 38-year-old entrepreneur who owns an Internet business that sells loose diamonds to various buyers. This paper will summarize the case study and then conclude by answering the personality questions. When Rodriguez moved from Puerto Rico to Gainesville, Florida, he spoke little English. After graduating from community college, he began working for a local jeweler. He didn’t know anything about jewelry but he worked hard and received Diamonds and […]

Mental Process Paper

MENTAL PROCESS Mental Process Paper Taumaoe A. Gaoteote OI/361 April 19, 2010 Patricia A. Lott In order for any organization to be successful and stay successful, it will need to have creative leaders and employees. Creative leaders and employees are the ones who introduce positive change and make quantum leaps forward in creating new products and processes. So it is definitely important that an organization create an environment or climate in which it promotes and encourages creative intelligence. This paper will talk about the four styles of creative intelligence and analyze their influence on organizational decision making. The day to day operations of an organization is comprised of so many […]

Professional Athletes Make so Much Money

Professional athletes make so much money Alex Rodriguez is a 32 year old Miami native, and, having entered the workforce directly out of high school, currently holds down a job in New York City. Normally, at least for those entering the workforce right out of high school, attaining a good career is rather difficult. This is especially true considering that more and more employers are requiring prospective employees to attain at least a bachelor’s degree just to get into an interview room. However, Rodriguez, since the age of 18, has lived a rather comfortable lifestyle— he never has had to worry about where is next meal is coming from, where […]

The Secret River – Kate Grenville

Kate Grenville describes the characters in The Secret River as ‘not heroes and not devils, but just human beings, stumbling from one small decision to the next and in so doing, without really planning it, creating the shape of their lives. ’ The character of Will Thornhill in the novel makes several decisions some of which come from a place of circumstance and others that do not. Kate Grenville’s statement about the characters describes them to an extent as there is nothing extraordinary about them, they do not stand up for what is right as heroes do, they do not commit evil deeds as devils do. Will makes several decisions […]

Advice to Youth Essay 2

This is my first time giving an advice to young friends. I hope this advice will help you in a near future. Also, I want you to remember this speech as the one that helped you to change some things. When you will think about this advice; you will agree with me in a lot of things that I told you today. I will start with one important thing, which is school. School is very important for your future. Don’t lose this great time that you have in school, and try to learn as much as you can every day in class. Always, ask your teacher any question that you […]

Crime Data Comparison Paper

CRIME DATA COMPARISON PAPER –Murder Rate According to the FBI Unified Crime Report for 2009, there were 385 murders in that year. The total population for Detroit in 2009 was just over 951,000. (The Neighborhood Scout, 2009) In Minneapolis, a city with about one-half the population of Detroit, the number of murders was 47. Not only is the population less than Detroit, the murder rate 6 times lower than Detroit. Here you can see that population seems to play a role in the amount of murders for these metropolitan areas. The area that had the most reported incidents of murder was Detroit. Minneapolis has shown that they have seen a […]

Legal Battle between Toys R Us and Amazon

1. Toys R’ Us vs Amazon. com This case was filled in May of 2004 because there was a 10 year agreement that amazon. com Inc. back in August of 2000 which according to Toys R’ Us was violated. The New Jersey Judge found that “Amazon had a duty to maintain its data in a format that would permit it to provide historical sales data for the sales of all products that allegedly should be classified as exclusive products, and Amazon did not maintain its data in a manner that would permit it to provide that information to Toys therefore, Toys was not provided with the data necessary for it […]

Hotel Performance Evaluation

RESEARCH NOTES AND REPORTS This Department publishes research notes, conference reports, reports on the work of public agencies and associations, ? eld (industry) reports, and other relevant topics and timely issues. Contributions to this department are submitted to its two Associate Editors: Research Notes to Juergen Gnoth (Department of Marketing, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Email ) and Conference Reports to Russell Smith (Hospitality and Tourism, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 639798, Rep. of Singapore. Email ). Unsolicited conference and agency reports will not be accepted. RESEARCH NOTES www. elsevier. com/locate/atoures Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 31, No. 3, pp. 712–715, 2004 # 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Printed […]

Body Piercing and Tattoos in America

Daylinda Smith Dr. Mc Williams Exp. Writing 3200 October 28, 2009 Body Piercings and Tattoos in America For many people, body piercings and tattoos are on the fringe of society. People do this as an act of rebellion against the social standards. In many cultures, these body modifications have negative or positive acceptance, but in American’s society, body modification, for many decades, has received a very negative response. Nevertheless, body piercings and tattoos have become more mainstream. In many movies, advertisements, music videos, and television programs, people have flaunted their body piercings and tattoos. When did body modification become more acceptable in America’s society, and is it a passing trend […]

Personal Values Development Paper

Personal Values Development Paper PHL/323 Melinda Cunningham July 12, 2010 The purpose of this paper is to examine my personal values, and the ground rules as they relate to the development of my ethics. Throughout the paper, I will define what my values are, the sources (e. g. , people, institutions, events) that helped me to shape my values, the criteria and decision-making factors I use to revise them. I will also touch on how the values I use daily impact my performance in my workplace. I never thought about my personal values, how I developed them, when I developed them, and in which I learned them, until now. I […]

Allen Lane

Opportunity Evaluation Allen Lane’s decision to acquire Plas-Tek Industries (PTI) is intriguing since the business appears to be a good match with Lane’s work experience and interest. As a manufacturer, PTI has been able to create large margins and high cash flow under Harry Elson’s leadership. However, significant risks are prevalent in acquiring PTI. First, more one-third of PTI’s sales originated from five companies and it is uncertain that without Harry Elson’s personal efforts if their patronage will continue. Secondly, the bank valuation of PTI ($600K) appears inflated as the bank’s valuation is notably more than PTI’s book value ($292K), calculated with an inflated price/earnings multiple for a company with […]

Teenager Case Study: Substance Abuse

For youth leaders, this is a study of a teenager who has a substance abuse problem and was released from a detention center. It involves a seventeen old male who abuses marijuana, alcohol, and ecstasy; and is also the son of two ministers. This story should help readers understand the dynamics involved with a teenage drug user and will also help youth leaders develop effective skills for reaching out to a troubled teen in need of support, especially after incarceration. A seventeen-year-old male, “Jimmy,” lived in a middle-class suburb. Jimmy was referred to me by his sister, because she felt my knowledge and past experiences might be helpful in reaching […]

Comparison of Paintings

Leonardo Da Vinci, who painted ‘Madonna of the Rocks’ in 1485, was very interested in science. He did various studies of plants, water and even controversial studies of the human anatomy where he cut open the deceased to see how the inside of the body works. All this was to provide the perfect naturalistic painting. In the painting ‘Madonna of the rocks’ his study of water can be seen in Mary’s hair and there is numerous plants and rocks that he studied. Leonardo was the inventor of ‘blue air’ or aerial perspective where things got smaller the further away they were and eventually covered in a veil of mist. This […]

Malinowski’s Participant-Observation in Modern Anthropology

Where does Malinowski’s conceptualization of participant-observation sit in the landscape of modern anthropological fieldwork? A primary objective of the modern ethnographer is to glean insights into the ways people relate to and interact with one another and the world around them. Through participant-observation, Malinowski (1922) offered a valuable tool with which to uncover these insights and understandings, the ethnographer. The ethnographer as research tool has become the basis of much modern anthropological research. As a method, it was a radical departure from the typical approach to fieldwork used in Malinowski’s time which involved techniques that kept the ethnographer distanced and distinct from those they studied (McGee & Warms, 2008). In […]

Why Do You Think Companies Like Dole Need Succession Planning?

Why do you think companies like Dole need succession planning? I think big companies or corporations like Dole or any other companies need succession planning. “Succession planning” is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in the company. Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepares to assume these roles as they become available. Research indicates that clear objectives are critical to establishing effective succession planning (Kesler, 2002). Having this process in place vital to the companies like Dole because the individuals identified in the plan will eventually be responsible for ensuring the company is able […]

Mcdonald’s vs Burger King

For years, McDonald’s and Burger King (BK) have been the world’s two largest and most successful fast food chains. Both have battled out all these years over their operational differences which form the core of their corporate culture. The “Doing It All For You” (McDonald’s) vs. “Having It Your Way” (BK’s) stems from their respective production methods. McDonald’s “Made to Stock” vs. BK’s “Made to Order” also originate from the differences in their respective processes. Exhibits 1 and 2 show the Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) of McDonald’s and BK respectively. Exhibit 3 provides a detailed comparative analysis of the PFDs of these two fast food chains. The main operational difference […]

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