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Expansion and Refrom

Term Definition profitable able to bring in money above operating costs slave state a state that allowed the practice of slave free state a state that did not allow the practice of slave movement a series of action carried out to work toward a certain goal statehood the condition of becoming a state revolt a rebellion doctrine a state

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Question Answer funfair majalis interesting /'INtreszting/ (ugyelj a kiejtesre!) erdekes during that time azalatt az ido alatt structure szerkezet I don't know what its name is. Nem tudom mi a neve. While this connection still exists, … Amig ez a kapcsolat fennall, … What I wanted to say about this topic is that … Amit akartam mondani errol a temarol, az az … the time and energy that you invest in learning a new language az ido es energia, amit befektetsz egy uj nyelv megtanulasaba Learning a language also helps you to be creative. A nyelvtanulas abban is segit, hogy kreativ legyel. creative /kri'ejtiv/ (ugyelj a kiejtesre!) kreativ the Czech […]


Question Answer el nu wildebeest el rinoceronte rhino la rana de cuernos horned frog el perro dog el gato cat el pez fish el mono monkey el tigre tiger el elefante elephant la cebra zebra

The Endocrine System exam 4

Question Answer The endocrine system uses what type of communication tool for long-range communication? hormones What is the purpose of hormones in the endocrine system? Coordinating the functions of various tissues within the organism The endocrine system is comprised of ______ that are specific for the production and release of specific hormones glands How are hormones released? Due to a reaction to an external or internal stimulus If you see a polar bear coming at you, what stimulus is activated and what hormone is released? An external stimulus is activated and the hormone epinephrine is released But if you see a gummi bear and you eat it, what stimulus is […]

Social Studies Test1 Unit 1

Question Answer What does B.C. mean Before Christ What does A.D. mean Anno Domini What does B.C.E. mean Before Common Era What does C.E. mean Common Era Why do some use the term B.C.E./C.E. instead B.C./A.D. Because some people aren't as religoes What are the two different calenders Hebrew and Islam What is 1 year on the Hebrew Calender 3760 B.C. What is 1 year on the Islam Calender 622 C.E. What does Archaeology mean Someone who looks for fossols What is Carbon Dating the determination of the age or date of organic matter from the relative proportions of the carbon isotopes carbon-12 and carbon-14 that it contains.

AP HUG Chapter One Vocabulary D-H

Term Definition density the frequency with which something exists within a given unit of area diffusion the process of spread of a feature or trend from one place to another over time distance decay the diminishing in importance and eventual disappearance of a phenomena with increasing distance from its origin distribution the arrangement of something across Earth's surface environmental determinism geography as the study of how physical environment has caused human activities expansion diffusion the spread of a feature or trend among people from one area to another in a snowballing process formal region also known as uniform/homogeneous; an area in which everyone shares one or more distinctive characteristics functional […]

Home ec Orientation Review

Question Answer Newborns may have colored marks on their skin True Most three-month-old babies can sit up without support False Infants who throw objects over and over again are not trying to bother adults True baby formula should be steaming hot when it is fed to an infant False Toddlers do better at eating foods with a spoon than eating foods with their fingers False Showing toddlers love is important even if toddlers throw temper tantrums True When you bathe a toddler you should stay with the child the whole time he or she is in the tub True Preschoolers look thinner for their size than toddlers do True preschoolers […]

Music 2017 – Albums Music – Top 40 Albums of 2017

Question Answer Night People You Me At Six Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect Sundara Karma I See You The xx La La Land (Original Soundtrack) Various Artists MIgration Bonobo Piano Portraits Rick Wakeman Godfather Wiley Oczy Mlody The Flaming Lips Return To Ommadawn Mike Oldfield Modern Ruin Frank Carter / The Rattlesnakes Yesterday's Gone Loyle Carner Run The Jewel 3 Run The Jewels All These Countless Nights Deaf Havana I Hope You Don't Mind Me Writing Lucy Spraggan A Girl A Bottle A Boat Train Culture Migos Sweet Sexy Savage Kehlani Little Fictions Elbow Heavy Fire Black Star Riders Process Sampha Safe In Sound Lower Than Atlantis I […]

Cell Organelles Note names and functions of cell organelles

Term Definition Nucleus Directs all of the cells activities. The boss of the cell. Endoplasmic Reticulum Like a freeway…carries material around the cell Cell Membrane Protects the cell and allows water and food in and out the cell Cytoplasm Holds the organells Mitochondria The cell's energy is produced here Ribosomes Factories that produce protein Lysosomes Breaks down food and worn out cells Golgi Body Takes materials from the ER, packages it, and sends it out the cell Cell wall protects the plant and gives it strength Chloroplasts Captures energy from the sun and make food


Question Answer Brunio Shirly Brunio Mars Brunio Shan Mark Brunio Selwyn Mhar 1) Disease caused by defect in genetic code. Genetic diseased. 2) Disease caused by deficiency of an essential vitamin or nutrient. Deficiency disease 3) Disease caused by virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa or parasite; transferred by reservoir, or other source of infection. Infectious/communicate disease. 4) Excessive and inappropriate response of immune system where the body immune system mistakes the body own tissue as a foreign material Auto-immune disease. 5) Disorder present at birth… Congenital disorder 6) Disease that causes tissue breakdown by over use or as result of aging Degenerative disease 7) Disease that causes a physiological dysfunction that […]

vocab 7 i have to do it omg

Question Answer cope to deal with or to handle problems credentials evidence showing that a person has the qualifications to handle a position culmination the peak the climax cumbersome clumsy hard to move cynic a person who believes people act only from selfish motives a glass is half empty point of view deficient lacking an essential quality incomplete defile to make filthy or dirty to corrupt defraud to cheat to take away or deprive of a right or property by deceit demoralize to hunt confidence of a person denote to be a sign of to indicate to signify

World War 1

Question Answer What date did WW1 start? 28th July 1914. What date did WW1 end? 11th November 1918. How many Australian soldiers died? More than 60,000 were killed. WW1 is also known as the "_______" War. WW1 is also known was the Great War. What do we call the day we celebrate each year to mark the end of WW1? Remembrance Day. What date is Remembrance day celebrated on? It's celebrated on the 11th of November. Who was assassinated in 1914 that led to the beginning of WW1? Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Where is Victoria's (Australia) main memorial site and what is it called? The Shrine of Remembrance is located in […]

6 kl rasked tegusõnad olevik

Question Answer Andma-äàâàòü MA ANNAN Tundma-÷óâñòâîâàòü, çíàòü MA TUNNEN Tegema-äåëàòü MA TEEN Lugema-÷èòàòü MA LOEN Nagema-âèäåòü MA NAEN Pidama-äîëæåí, äåðæàòü(æèâîòíîå), ïðàçäíîâàòü MA PEAN Pakkima-óïàêîâûâàòü MA PAKIN Oppima-ó÷èòü MA OPIN Sattuma-ïîïàäàòü, îêàçûâàòüñÿ MA SATUN Hakkama!!!-íà÷èíàòü MA HAKKAN!!! Keetma-âàðèòü MA KEEDAN Kinkima-äàðèòü MA KINGIN Kiikuma-êà÷àòüñÿ (íà êà÷åëÿõ) MA KIIGUN Kiitma-õâàëèòü MA KIIDAN Soitma-åçäèòü MA SOIDAN Kartma-áîÿòüñÿ MA KARDAN Tolkima-ïåðåâîäèòü MA TOLGIN Raakima-ãîâîðèòü MA RAAGIN Minema-èäòè MA LAHEN SAATMA-ïîñûëàòü, ïðîâîæàòü MA SAADAN KUKKUMA-ïàäàòü MA KUKUN UPPUMA-òîíóòü MA UPUN RIKKUMA-ïîðòèòü MA RIKUN LEPPIMA-ìèðèòüñÿ MA LEPIN LIIKUMA-äâèãàòüñÿ MA LIIGUN USKUMA-âåðèòü MA USUN PRAADIMA-æàðèòü MA PRAEN KUDUMA-âÿçàòü ñïèöàìè MA KOON VEETMA-ïðîâîäèòü (âðåìÿ) MA VEEDAN KANDMA-íîñèòü MA KANNAN TEADMA-çíàòü MA TEAN LEIDMA-íàõîäèòü MA LEIAN HOIDMA-äåðæàòü, áåðå÷ü MA […]

bellwork quiz 3

Term Definition community college a post secondary intitution that offers certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees copensation payment given or recieved in return for work concurrent enralment allows academically talented high school juniors and seniors to enroll in university courses and recieve college credit coopeaitive education program an arrangment where coordinate classroom intrution with students part time work credit a unit to measure the allavitity of classes completed critical thinking depreciation dectovate

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Question Answer ?????????? year end? ?????? kelp ?????? to bless; to show mercy to??to give (money, etc.)? ??????? to carry on one's back? ???? salmon ?? ????? salted salmon; fish wrapped in (bamboo) leaves? ?????????? please make her eat it ??????????? please come back here and meet me ????????? dress; attire; clothing; getup; outfit; personal appearance? ?????? to shake one's head ???????????? to go beserk ??????? to be able to control someone ????????? to be possessed by the spirit of a fox ???? timidly; nervously; hesitantly; trembling (with fear) ?????? to worship ?????? Inari (god of harvests, Uka-no-Mitama)?See also ??Inari shrine; Fushimi Inari shrine (in Kyoto)? fox (said to be […]

Early Christian Ire.

Question Answer In what century did Christianity come to Ireland 5th Century Name two early Christian monasteries Skellig Michael, Clonmacnoise, Inis Mor Where did monks eat? Refectory Where did monks copy their manuscripts? Scriptorium Who was the head of the monastery? Abbot Give one function of a round tower? Lookout, keep possessions safe Where would visitors stay? Guesthouse What were monasteries surrounded by? Circular bank or wall What did monks sleep in? Cells Name one person who was said to have brought Christianity to Ireland? St.Patrick/Palladius Name on famous manuscript that was wrote during this period? Book of Kells/Book of Durrow/The Cathach What animal is parchment made from? Sheepskin What […]

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Question Answer wilderness road republic articles of confederation northwest territory northwest orinance shays rebellion

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Question Answer basically /beiszikli/ (ugyelj a kiejtesre!) alapvetoen schoolmate iskolatars responsible for sth /riszpaanszibl/ (ugyelj a kiejtesre!) felelos vmiert candidate jelolt There are 20 of us. Huszan vagyunk. lately az utobbi idoben hungry for money penzehes experience in sth tapasztalat vmi teren crisis krizis, valsag recession recesszio distubance of attention kb. figyelemzavar begin, began, begun elkezdeni vmit I had to set up a company. Kellet csinalnom egy ceget. in the beginning kezdetben in the end vegul personal contacts szemelyes kapcsolatok The bigger the company was, the more clients I had. Minel nagyobb volt a ceg, annal tobb ugyfelem volt. Companies didn't spend so much money on parties. A cegek nem […]

Eco Vocab Part 1 Vocabulary for the first part of Ecosystems

Term Definition Ecology The study of the interactions between living organisms and the environment Ecosystem The biotic and abiotic factors in an area. Community The different populations/species living together in a specific area. Population The number of specific species/type of organisms living in an area. Organism An individual form of life (plant, animal, fungus, bacteria) Abiotic Factor Components of the ecosystem that have never lived. (water, sunlight, soil, air, temperature). Biotic Factor The living, or once living, organisms in an ecosystem (tree, lion, rotting leaf). Species A class of organisms that have similar characteristics and can reproduce. Biome Large or multiple ecosystems


Question Answer Which nutrient is found in bread, pasta and rice? carbohydrates Obesity is caused by…? eating too much Starvation is caused by? not eating enough What can a deficiency in vitamin A cause? blindness anaemia is caused by a deficiency of..? iron Name 3 nutrients and their uses Any of the following:carbohydrates – provides energyprotein – growth and repairfats/lipids – providesminerals – maintain health (calcium,iron)vitamins – maintain healthfibre – keeps food moving through the gut what is the correct unit of energy? joules what part of the earth is liquid? outer core what is the core made from? iron and nickel the only sources of the resources that humans […]

Fold mountains

Question Answer How are they formed When two plates collide and the land crumples up What are the up folds called Anticlimb What are the down folds called Synclimb


Question Answer what is your Cranium what is your Maxilla what is your Mandible what is your Clavicle what is your Scapula what is your Humerus what is your Radius what is your Ulna what is your Sternum what is your Carpals what is your Metacarpals what is your Phalanges what is your Pelvis what is your patella

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Question Answer a load of crap egy rakas szar (olyan dologra is mondhatod, ami nagyon rossz minosegu, pl. egy film) dumbbell egykezes sulyzo take a walk setalni egyet the Danube Duna high expectations nagy elvarasok What are you going to do at the weekend? Mit fogsz csinalni a hetvegen? (Ha tervre kerdezunk ra, akkor "be going to".) cave barlang headquarters – headquarters cegkozpont – cegkozpontok crew legenyseg (pl. repulon) be good at sth jonak lenni vmibol be bad at sth rossznak lenni vmibol She is good at biology. Jol megy neki a biologia. / Jo biologiabol. factor tenyezo several szamos, tobb There have been several accidents on the motorway. Tobb […]


Question Answer Cat In gato Dog Un perro Fish Un pez Un caballo Horse Rabbit Un conejo Bird Un pA?jaro Rat Un ratA?n Turtle Una tortuga Cow Una vaca

PVA 4th Spelling L9

Term Definition accuracy correctness ancestor a relative of long ago anxiety fear about what may happen apologize to say you are sorry and ask pardon apparent easily seen or understood architect one who draws plans for new buildings banquet a large meal for a special occasion courageous brave errand a short trip to do something essay a short composition eternity endless time extraordinary very unusual; remarkable frail slender and weak gratitude thankfulness honesty truthfulness impulsive acting upon a sudden notion legend a story handed down from the past legible clearly written; readable omit to leave out organize to arrange in good order pamphlet a booklet predicament an unpleasant, difficult situation […]

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