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Mental Process Paper

MENTAL PROCESS Mental Process Paper Taumaoe A. Gaoteote OI/361 April 19, 2010 Patricia A. Lott In order for any organization to be successful and stay successful, it will need to have creative leaders and employees. Creative leaders and employees are the ones who introduce positive change and make quantum leaps forward in creating new products and processes. So it is definitely important that an organization create an environment or climate in which it promotes and encourages creative intelligence.

This paper will talk about the four styles of creative intelligence and analyze their influence on organizational decision making. The day to day operations of an organization is comprised of so many different moving parts depending on what kind of product or service it provides to the consumers. For the organization to operate smoothly, and keep up with demands as well as future endeavors or projects, it is constantly under analysis and observations to determine what works and what doesn’t work, what is the competition like and how will it counter and remain successful.

With all the analysis, based on past performance and productivity, the organization has to plan for the future so that it stays successful or so that it will meet or exceed expectations in upcoming years. This is just one of the scenarios that an organization goes through. The organization makes decisions constantly, but prior to making those decisions, there are a lot of things to consider. This is where creative intelligence is extremely important, because it will have a huge influence on the decision making process.

An organization has to tap into the creative intelligence of its personnel because that is where the creativity, innovation as well as other factors that will insure an organizations success. There are four styles of creative intelligence; inspiration, intuition, imagination and innovation. Each of these styles influences the decision making process or any organization. Inspiration Dictionary. com defines inspiration as “an inspiring or animating action or influence”.

It also says that it is, “something inspired as an idea”. Decisions are at the heart of leader success, and at times there are critical moments when they can be difficult, perplexing, and nerve-racking. When person or organization is inspired by an act or performance, it will influence the organization in making a decision because it is inspired, or through the inspiration of their Founder, Chief Executive Officer, or Manager. In any case, inspiration will influence the decision making process of any organization.

Intuition Like it is mentioned in the text, this style focuses on results and relies on past experiences and performances in order to make a beneficial decision for the overall success of an organization. Intuition will have a huge influence on the decision making process of a person or an organization. Surely a person before making a decision on a purchase for example will consider his or her past experiences prior to making that decision. An organization is similar in that regard.

An organization will take in to account what happened in their past concerning a process or product and the results of that prior to making any new decisions that may affect the success of the organization. Imagination This style focuses on the imagination or vision of the leader or employees. Having a certain vision of what and where the organization needs to be at a certain time, as well as what it should achieve by that time is important.

When there is a vision, the vision becomes the mission or the goal for the organization, whether to be the leader in its service or the leader in the arena with regards to the product that it produces. That will have a huge influence in the decision making process of any organization. Innovation As mentioned in the text, this style “concentrates on problems and data and is very systematic”. In any organization, it is extremely important to have a leader or employees that systematically look at the entire organizational process, as well as its products to see if there are problems, or potential problems.

This way, the organization can take steps to implement solutions to resolve those problems or prevent those problems from reoccurring. It is clear that innovation will truly have a huge impact and influence on an organizations decision making process. In the operation process of an organization, problems are going to occur, and mistakes are going to be made. These problems and mistakes cannot continue or it will stifle the success of an organization.

Therefore, an organization will take those into consideration when comes time to make a decision. In Conclusion, creative intelligence is an important key, when it comes to the decision making process or mindset of any organization. More importantly, identifying those assets within an organization and exploiting those assets, by creating an environment where they are sought out for suggestions, recommendations will ensure long term success for any organization.


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