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4.4 The New South
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Sharecropping The act in which a farmer worked a parcel of land in return for a share of the crop, a cabin, seed, tools, and a mule.
Crop-Lien System A creditor's legal claim on the debtor's property.
Poll Taxes Something southern legislators tried to make that was aimed at depriving African Americans of the right to vote.
Literacy Tests A test that barred those who could not read from voting.
Segregation A series of laws designed to enforce separation of certain races. These laws are called Jim Crows Laws.
Who is Madame C. J. Walker? Explain how she was able to do what she did. A female African American that was an entrepreneur and she was also one of the first millionaires in the US. She was able to become a millionaire this because she opened her own hair product business that she started with only 1.50.
Name 5 examples of Jim Crow Laws. Use your book and computer to find the examples. Marriage, Hospitalization, Nursing, Restaurants, and Teaching are all examples of the Jim Crow Laws.
Provide 3 or more real signs that are representative of the Jim Crow Laws. Segregation, or separation, of the races are 3 signs that are representative of Jim Crow Laws.
Describe the court case Plessy v. Ferguson. Again, use your books and computers to explain this court case. It was a court case in which an African American was denied a seat in a first-class railway car. In this court case they said that separate but equal facilities did not violate the Fourteenth Amendment.
How did the Jim Crow Laws and the Plessy v. Ferguson case affect African Americans in the South? It made it harder for African Americans to improve their economic status because of segregation, in few cases did African Americans own farmland or even rarer own a plantation.

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