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smallest particle that still remains properties of an element atom
what is the overall charge of a nucleus positive
symbol, location, relative charge, and relative mass of an electrons e-, cloud, – , 0
symbol, location, relative charge, and relative mass of a proton p+, nucleus, + , 1
symbol, location, relative charge, and relative mass of a neutron n, nucleus, 0, 1
if it's a neutral atom electrons = what protons
atomic number = what subatomic particle, protons
mass number – atomic number = number of neutrons
why is atomic mass not a whole number it is an average of all isotopes
if the number of protons change then the what changes element
if the number of neutrons change then the what changes mass number
what is an anion and an ion gain electrons-negative charge; lose electrons-positive charge
same number of protons but a different number of electrons ion
isotope with highest precentage will have a what effect on average atomic mass greatest
the discovery of the atom's nucleus can be credited to who Rutherford
describe Rutherford's experiment that provided experimental detail about the atom's structure aimed alpha particles at a piece of gold foil, most particles passed through, a few deflected, some bounced back, concluded most of the atom is empty space
in the electron distribution 1s2, the "1" represents what, the "s" represents what, and the "2" represents what energy level, sub level, number of electrons
maximum number of electrons that can occupy an orbital is what 2, if they have opposite spins
atomic structure of Bohr positive nucleus with p + n and electrons in orbits
atomic structure of Rutherford positive nucleus surrounded by empty space
atomic structure of J.J. Thompson positive material with negative charges embedded in it
what happens to electrons during a flame test gain energy and go to a higher energy level then drop back down to a lower level and release energy in the form of light
symbol for speed of light and numbers C, 3 a?? 10^8 m/s

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