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Early Christian Ire.
Question Answer
In what century did Christianity come to Ireland 5th Century
Name two early Christian monasteries Skellig Michael, Clonmacnoise, Inis Mor
Where did monks eat? Refectory
Where did monks copy their manuscripts? Scriptorium
Who was the head of the monastery? Abbot
Give one function of a round tower? Lookout, keep possessions safe
Where would visitors stay? Guesthouse
What were monasteries surrounded by? Circular bank or wall
What did monks sleep in? Cells
Name one person who was said to have brought Christianity to Ireland? St.Patrick/Palladius
Name on famous manuscript that was wrote during this period? Book of Kells/Book of Durrow/The Cathach
What animal is parchment made from? Sheepskin
What animal is vellum made from? Calfskin
Name one famous piece of metalwork from this period? Ardagh Chalice
Where can the ardagh chalice be seen today? National Museum
Name one monk that set up a monastery abroad? St. Columcille

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