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Home ec Orientation Review
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Newborns may have colored marks on their skin True
Most three-month-old babies can sit up without support False
Infants who throw objects over and over again are not trying to bother adults True
baby formula should be steaming hot when it is fed to an infant False
Toddlers do better at eating foods with a spoon than eating foods with their fingers False
Showing toddlers love is important even if toddlers throw temper tantrums True
When you bathe a toddler you should stay with the child the whole time he or she is in the tub True
Preschoolers look thinner for their size than toddlers do True
preschoolers prefer foods with strong flavors False
Bedwetting may be caused by fear of the dark True
Most preschoolers are capable of dressing themselves with no help False
Children complete developmental tasks in exactly the same order at the same age False
Learning how to express feelings is a part of __________________ development Emotional
. __________________ development involves changes in body size and ability Physical
_____________________ development includes learning to communicate and get along with others Social
Improving the ability to think, reason, use language, and form ideas is _________________ development Intellectual
The most critical period of human development is called________________ development Early brain
Reactions that happen automatically are called Reflexes
A baby is called an infant from__________ Birth to one year
Shirt cuffs that button are self dressing feature False
about how many hours of sleep does a preschooler need each night 10
children between the ages of one and three are called toddlers because Their walk is so unsteady
understanding concepts allows a toddler to Compare things that are different
growth and change in body size and ability Physical
development of the mind Intellectual
expression of feelings Emotional
ability to get along with others Social
adapts to new people Social
shows love, fear, and anger Emotional
reasons, thinks, and forms ideas Intellectual
grows taller and heavier Physical

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