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Psychology the scientific study of thought and behavior
What are the two types of psychologists that are the most common and why? Clinical and counseling because we need lots of psychologists for diagnosis/treatment and some for schools
Cognitive Psychology the study of how people perceive, remember, think, speak, and solve problems
Developmental Psychology the study of how thought and behavior change and remain stable across the life span
Behavioral Psychology the study of the links among brain, mind, and behavior
Biological Psychology the study of the relationship between bodily systems and chemicals and how they influence behavior and thought
Personality Psychology the study of what makes people unique and the consistencies in people's behavior across time and situations
Social Psychology the study of how living among others influences thought, feeling, and behavior
Clinical Psychology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and the promotion of psychological health
Health Psychology examines the role of psychological factors in physical health and illness
Educational Psychology The study of course planning and methods of instruction
Industrial/ organizational Psychology application of psychological concepts and questions to work settings
Sports Psychology the study of psychological factors in sports and exercise
Forensic Psychology field that blends psychology, law, and criminal justice
Three historical ways that behavior was treated Trephination- drill a small hole in the skull, have asylums, viewed as supernatural causes- testing if someone was a witch or not, moral treatment-medicine
Structuralism breaking down experience into its elemental parts offers the best way to understand thought and behavior
Introspection looking into one's own mind for info about the nature of conscious experience
Functionalism argued that it was better to look at why the mind works the way it does than to describe its parts
Behaviorism asserts that psychology can be a true science only if it examines observable behavior
Humanistic psychology focuses on personal growth and meaning as a way of reaching one's highest potential
Positive Psychology focuses on studying, understanding, and promoting healthy and positive psychological functioning
Congnitivism involve how we think and gain knowledge.
Wilhelm Wundt father of psychology, set up a psych lab in Germany
William James founder of American Psychology/ opened the first psych lab in the US
John Watson founded behaviorism
Sigmund Freud assumed that the unconscious mind is the most powerful force behind thought and behavior
Literature helps us understand people though storytelling, character exploration, development or setting, and use of imagery
History helps us understand people through descriptions and analysis of past events and artifacts
Anthropology the study of human culture and origins
Sociology seeks to understand people in terms of large-scale social forces and group membership rather than individuals
Root word for psyche mind or soul
Where clinical practice is held in Offices, schools, hospitals, and business
Why should you study psychology? adopts a scientific perspective on human behavior which helps yo u develop curiosity for how behavior works, makes you more aware of how you work
Cognitive Psychology questions how people visualize objects in their mind
Developmental ? How do our reasoning/emotional skills change as we age? How does parent to infant bonding affect adult relationships? Does old age bring wisdom?
Personality ? tendency to be friendly, anxious, or hostile affects one's health, career, choice, or interpersonal relationships, and whether a friendly or anxious child will necessarily have those traits as an adult
Social? How does the presence of other people change an individual's thoughts, feelings, or perceptions?
Shamans medicine man or woman
Emil Kraepelin popularized the word dementia praecox (schizophrenia)- split mind. First to distinguish thought, mood, and manic depression
Psychoanalysis unconscious mind is the most powerful force behind thought and behavior and that dreams have meaning- Sigmund Freud. Has sexual and aggressive impulses
Three major modern development in clinical psychology psychotherapy, drug therapy, and modern criteria for diagnosing mental disorders
Book used to diagnose is… Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
Empiricism knowledge and thoughts come from experience- John Locke
Psychophysics the study of how people psychologically perceive physical stimuli such as light, sound waves, and touch- Ernst Weber
Who was the chief proponent of structuralism? Wundt
Who is the most famous functionalist? William James
Gestalt Psychology the theory of psychology that maintains that we perceive things as whole rather than as a compilation of parts
Cognitive Psychologists: Social Interactions interested in attention. Study the most obvious concern of how drivers can pay attention to driving while talking on the phone – driving the same as while you are drunk
Developmental: Social Interactions At what age is a person too young to form electronic social networks? At what age does Internet peak? Does gender affect interest? Girls are more likely to participate in social networking sites than boys
Social: Social Interactions Online dating. Use the internet to not simply interact with others from afar but also to arrange real face to face meetings. Let to new behaviors with being public and private. Private pub: nonpublic about who u are. Pub priv: very open. Friending issue
Personality: Social Interactions Profiles are more in tune with the personalities that we and out close friends percieve. Making an avatar helps people overcome their social anxieties in the real life
Clinical: Social Interactions can one become addicted. Sexual Predators in chats

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