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PVA 4th Spelling L9
Term Definition
accuracy correctness
ancestor a relative of long ago
anxiety fear about what may happen
apologize to say you are sorry and ask pardon
apparent easily seen or understood
architect one who draws plans for new buildings
banquet a large meal for a special occasion
courageous brave
errand a short trip to do something
essay a short composition
eternity endless time
extraordinary very unusual; remarkable
frail slender and weak
gratitude thankfulness
honesty truthfulness
impulsive acting upon a sudden notion
legend a story handed down from the past
legible clearly written; readable
omit to leave out
organize to arrange in good order
pamphlet a booklet
predicament an unpleasant, difficult situation
pursue to chase
quaint odd in an interesting way
recognize to identify
recommend to suggest; to approve
sanitary clean
scholar a student; a person of much learning
shrewd clever
utensil a useful tool

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