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?????????? year end?
?????? kelp
?????? to bless; to show mercy to??to give (money, etc.)?
??????? to carry on one's back?
???? salmon
?? ????? salted salmon; fish wrapped in (bamboo) leaves?
?????????? please make her eat it
??????????? please come back here and meet me
????????? dress; attire; clothing; getup; outfit; personal appearance?
?????? to shake one's head
???????????? to go beserk
??????? to be able to control someone
????????? to be possessed by the spirit of a fox
???? timidly; nervously; hesitantly; trembling (with fear)
?????? to worship
?????? Inari (god of harvests, Uka-no-Mitama)?See also ??Inari shrine; Fushimi Inari shrine (in Kyoto)? fox (said to be messengers of Inari)?See also ?fried tofu (said to be a favourite food of foxes)
????????? offering (e.g. to the gods); votive offering
???? to torment; to pain; to inflict (physical) pain; to hurt? to harass; to cause (emotional) pain; to afflict; to distress; to bother; to trouble; to stump; to baffle?
?????? angry
??????? boiling water
????????? to boil/be boiled
??????? god of death
???? to cling to; to hold on to; to hold fast to?2. to grapple?3. to set about doing; to begin; to commence; to undertake?4. to take hold of; to possess; to haunt?See also ???? ????, of a demon, thought, emotion, etc.5. to obtain a clue; to get a lead?

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