Checkpoint: Stages of Ego Development

The first phase of Janes Loevinger’s ego development is called the Infancy stage. Infants cannot use a complete sentence and as a substitute must depend on conclusions supported on observations. The second phase of Janes Loevinger’s ego development is called the Impulsive stage. Though this is the known period for toddlers, individuals can be in this phase for a great deal longer, and in reality a certain amount of individuals stay in this impulsive point the their whole life. At this point a person’s ego maintains to be centered on physical emotions, central desires, and direct wants. The third phase of Janes Loevinger’s ego development is called the Self-Protective stage. […]

Beh 225 Problem Solving Simulation

In order to solve this problem I had to figure out different ways to solve it that would have the desired result. In this scenario there is a man, cat, dog, and a mouse that need to cross the river but unfortunately the raft will only hold two of them at a time and the man cannot send the animals on the raft without him. Initially this seems very easy to solve unfortunately the cat cannot be left alone with the mouse or the dog unless the man is present otherwise they will fight or try to eat each other. Once I had interpreted the problem, I attempted different strategies […]

The Body Shop International

|Body Shop International PLC 2001 Case Study Solution – Introduction to Financial Modeling | [pic][pic][pic][pic]The first question that usually proposed for this case study is in regards to the revenue issue; What was the cause of the lack of growth in revenue during the late 90’s? The 2nd question deals with the rapid growth in 2001; What was the cause of the rapid increase in sales in 2001 and what were the negative impacts of the rapid growth. Issues surrounding the lack of growth in revenue: In the early to mid 90’s, the revenue growth for Body Shop was at least 20% each year. But by the late 1990’s, the […]

Price Elasticity of Goods

In general, businesses are aware of demand curves; however, it is rare that they actually know how to recognize those curves. In order to make sound business decisions, it is important to be able to recognize certain elements of a demand curve. For instance, if Apple raised its prices by five percent, what would happen to its revenues? The answer to this question depends on the response of Apple consumers. Will the consumer refrain from making purchases completely or just cut back on them? How a consumer responds to price changes is known as price elasticity. The price elasticity of demand can be influenced by availability of substitutes, the level […]

Themes and Issues in American History/4 1919-1945

Themes and Issues in American History/4 October 13, 2006 1919-1945 President Wilson’s friend, George L. Record wrote him in early 1919 “that something would have to be done about economic democracy to meet this menace of Socialism. ” This era became one of increasing paranoia about the effects of Socialism on society. Even as the Courts and Congress enforced suppression of certain ideas and acts, the class war in a supposedly class-less society was beginning to take shape. (Essays about gun control – Strikes continued to plague the country and even with the jailing and suppression of union leadership, the Socialist support of the unions continued to attract more members […]

Themes and Issues in American History 1492-1789

Themes and Issues in American History September 27, 2006 1492-1789 The Indians were a hospitable and sharing race and sharing was part and parcel of their culture. They were not influenced by the frenzy of the day, capitalism and feudalism. Columbus was motivated by his quest for gold to pay his backers. Gold was the new currency of the day, better than land because it could buy anything. After the wholesale slaughter of the Indians with no gold to show for it, Columbus and the Spaniards sought slaves under the premise that it was Christian like to do so. Slave labor and cruelty allowed millions of Indians to die between […]

Strategic Plan Kudler Fine Foods

Strategic Plan STR 581 September 9, 2010 Strategic Plan The mission of Kudler’s Fine Food is to present to the various communities in which we are located to the finest gourmet foods that are available. Kudler’s Fine Food is a gourmet cook’s dream come true if one’s mind and palette can be visualized and taste it we have the ingredients to bring that vision to life. The soul mission of Kudler’s is to provide the finest wines, cheeses and baked goods that are available from around the world at a reasonable price. The mission of Kudler Fine Foods is to provide their customers a unique shopping experience that fulfills their […]

Pdsa Cycle

Unfortunately Emergency Departments have little control over the amount and type of patients arriving in their hospitals. Many facilities are experiencing increased wait times and overflowing hallways with patients who have been admitted to the emergency department. These are increasingly troublesome issues that result from increased patient demand at a point in time when the number of emergency departments has declined and hospital inpatient capacity has decreased as well. This is why managing the flow of patients through their care is vital in preventing patient crowding, patient safety issues and quality of care. Deming’s “PDSA” cycle examines a four-step process for quality improvement. The four steps are simply Plan, Do, […]

Propsects and Challenges of Integrated Electonic Health Records for Managed Care Organizations

PROPSECTS AND CHALLENGES OF INTEGRATED ELECTONIC HEALTH RECORDS FOR MANAGED CARE ORGANIZATIONS by Peter Oluseyi Okebukola MPH/MBA Intended audience This is a public policy memo directed to the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). CONTENTS ? ? ? ? ? Executive Summary Background Definitions stakeholders Options and implications for managed care ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Individual practice association (IPA) or network model HMOs Staff or group model HMOs Point of service (POS) plans Medicare/ Medicaid Medical tourism Potential Problems Possible Resolution and its Possible Effects Conclusion and Potential Areas for Further Study […]

Alcohol & Tobacco vs. Illegal Drugs

In the article “Alcohol, Tobacco Worse Than Illegal Drugs” a new British study found that alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than some illegal narcotics such as marijuana or Ecstasy. Professor David Nutt of Britain’s Bristol University and some colleagues proposed the study and found a new structure for the “classification of harmful substances based on the actual risk posed to society” (Conroy, 2007). The researchers used three factors to determine how harmful any drug is : “the physical harm to the user, the drug’s potential for addiction, and the impact on society of drug use” (Conroy, 2007). Then two groups of experts (psychiatrists or medical expertise) were asked to […]

A Clean, Well-Lighted and the House on Mango Street

The two literature selections I will be comparing is: A Clean, Well-Lighted and The House on Mango Street. The theme for A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is unity. I chose unity as the theme to best describe this Hemingway piece because it has the good and the bad, but it brings the older waiter closer to the deaf patron. It shows the youth in the younger waiter, there is a mental disconnect from being younger and less experienced then the other two characters. The writing style is similar as there are the good things and bad things both mentioned. In the selection of The House on Mango Street, the theme is […]

Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems by C. E. Shanon

http://www. socialresearchmethods. net/kb/sampaper. php Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems? By C. E. SHANNON 1 INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY The problems of cryptography and secrecy systems furnish an interesting application of communication theory1. In this paper a theory of secrecy systems is developed. The approach is on a theoretical level and is intended to complement the treatment found in standard works on cryptography2. There, a detailed study is made of the many standard types of codes and ciphers, and of the ways of breaking them. We will be more concerned with the general mathematical structure and properties of secrecy systems. The treatment is limited in certain ways. First, there are three general […]

Advertisement: Implementation Examples

Implementation Examples Three examples of assemblers for real machines are: 1. MASM assembler 2. SPARC assembler 3. AIX assembler MASM Assembler The programs of x86 system views memory as a collection of segments. Each segment belongs to a particular class corresponding to its contents. The commonly used classes are: 1. CODE 2. DATA 3. CONST 4. STACK During program execution segments are addressed via an x86 segment register. In most cases: Code Segments are addressed using register CS. Stack Segments are addressed using register SS. * The loader automatically sets CS and SS when the program is loaded. CS is set to indicate the segment that contains the starting label […]


A superantigen is defined as a type of antigen which has the ability to cause polyclonal T cell activation via a large, nonspecific activation of T cells. There are three general families of superantigens: endogenous superantigens, exogenous superantigens, and B cell superantigens. Endogenous superantigens are encoded into the genome by different viruses; exogenous superantigens simply refer to toxins secreted by bacteria; and B-cell superantigens describe the superantigens which activate B-cells. Superantigens have the unique ability to bind to both T cells, as well as MHC class II molecules (MHC=major histocompatibility complex). Ultimately, the goal is to bring these two types of molecules together so that they can effectively activate even […]

7th Grade Language Arts

I have thought a lot about my language arts teacher today and how I do not want to lose her. My mom has a teacher she used to have that has a modeo that says once a student always a student and that is true for the two of us because we are friends!!!! I will still be reading a lot next year because she encouraged me to and because I learned a life lesson that is what reading can do for your life and I hope I can teach my friend Jenna that lesson!! I will remember my teacher forever and I hope she knows that I will miss […]

Hershey Foods vs. Tootsie Rolls

Investment: Heshery Foods versus Tootsie Rolls Financial Comparison A comparison of 2004 Hershey’s and Tootsie Roll, questions needed to determine which company is better off: Are the company’s operations profitable? To consider this I will be looking at the Income Statement. If the company’s revenue exceeds its expenses it will report net income or will report a net loss. This will report on the success or failure of the company’s operation by reporting its revenue and expenses. Hershey Foods reports a net income of $590,879 and Tootsie Roll Industries report a net income of $64,174. Overall, both company’s report a net gain. However, Hershey Foods net income is larger than […]

Root Structure Benefits

Aeroponics The most recent technology to be developed in agriculture is Aeroponics, a method in which a plant’s roots are fed and watered midair. The plants are generally suspended from baskets (similar to those in which strawberries are packaged) at the top of a closed trough or cylinder. With the plants suspended in this manner, all essential nourishment can be provided to the roots by spraying them with a nutrient solution. Since the roots are suspended in midair, they receive the maximum amount of oxygen possible. This method is also the most nutrient-efficient, because you need only provide what the plants require, and any nutrient that is not absorbed is […]

Questionnaire Product

Introduction: The Zariez Tea Company has created a team that is designing and will administer a new development product. This is something that many customers have requested for some time now. In order to fulfill our design obligations in the best way, we are asking for all interested customer of Zariez Tea to answer the questions on this survey and to provide us with their opinions in these questionnaire sections following each category. We thank you in advance for your assistance. Please tick ( ( ) the appropriate answer. 1. What age group are you in? ) Under 20’s ( ) 20 – 25 Years old ( ) 26 – […]

Swop Analysis

SWOP ANALYSIS Procter Gamble, one of the best markets in the world, has gone through a new management. Procter Gamble has a very talented management that has tightly integrated with the largest retailers in the US and around the world. Also, they have created a new product innovation, which involves their new billion dollar brands, that is distributed to 80 countries in the world. They also have Distribution channels all over the world. Also, Procter Gamble has Gross Margins 15 Times the industry average, and a Diversified Brand Portfolio, that has more than 300 brands. They also have 79 billion in revenue, which makes Procter Gamble one of the best […]

What Goes Around Comes Around

“What goes around comes around” (PRAISE OF THE PROVERB/ AUTHOR): The proverb “What goes around comes around”, also known as karma has a powerful effect on the human race. Whatever you say, good or bad will eventually come back to you in a a positive or negative way in the future. This proverb has been around for centuries before our parents, their parents, and our great, great grandparents where ever even know. This saying has become popular because many of the wise live by these words and truly understand the power that our actions have on our future. PARAPHARSE AND EXPLANANTION): We can’t help but think the way we do […]

Identity vs Identity Confusion

IDENTITY VERSUS IDENTITY CRISIS INTRODUCTION Our group decided to have a case study on a subject who involved in a group called Skinhead. This is a true story of a person that is closely related with one of our group members. He was a 16 years old male student who studied in a vocational school. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Skinhead is a young person, usually a man, with a shaved head and often wearing braces and heavy boots, especially Doc Martens. It first appeared in Britain in the 1960s and was known for their violent behaviour and their support for the right-wing political group. In Malaysian context, Skinhead […]

Jeanette Winterson Boating for Beginners

According to David Lodge realistic literature is based on “ their obsession with form to neglect the content and the third person omniscient mode is more often used to assert or imply the existence of society or history, than of heaven and hell. Therefore, modernist fiction eschews the straight chronological ordering of realistic material and the use of reliable omniscient intrusive narrator”. In her novel, Jeanette Winterson uses a “method of multiple points of view” and her novel “tends towards a fluid and complex handling of time, involving much cross-reference backwards and forwards across the chronological span of the action”. We can reinforce this idea by quoting Linda Hutcheon, who […]

Brain Tumors

BRAIN TUMORS AND NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Brain tumors are defined abnormal growth of cells within the brain or the central spinal area. It may result in death if not treated. Its physical symptoms are chronic seizures, chronic headaches, progressive neurologic deficits, in children Gait disturbance, failure to thrive and increasing head size. There are also clinical symptoms and some of these are cognitive deficits such as hakims trait of hydrocephalus and visual problems like hemi paresis. It can be diagnosed radiologically through Brain magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRI’s) with or without paramagnetic contrast, head computed tomography (CT) scans which both provide information on the size, location, morphology, mass effect and clues to […]

From Experience: Linking Projects to Strategy

Depth of project screening process There isn’t really a strict upper bound on how far an evaluation team should go in to quantify project contributions to a firm’s mission. If we consider the screening process as a two-dimensional view – with the criteria complexity being the horizontal view and number of screens being the depth, the extent to which the team could go on both direction tend to rely on how much data is available. Technically, so long as the data supplies, the evaluation team can keep trying until the remaining projects are narrowed down to an approachable number for analysis. It is a subjective are satisfied to meet the […]

Domestic an Global Business Environment


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