Economic Systems

Term Definition Economy The social science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Bartering Exchanging goods or services for one another without using money. What 3 questions does an economy have to answer? What to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce. Traditional Economy An economy based on customs, traditions, and rituals. Command Economy The government decides how and what goods are made, like North Korea or Cuba. Market Economy An economic system based on free trade and competition. There are no complete market economies without government involvement in the world today. Capitalism Economic system in which private owners control the production of […]

Les adjectifs

Question Answer Bleu/bleus/bleue/bleues Blue masculine/feminine/plurals Noir/noirs/noire/noires Black masculine/feminine/plurals Rose/roses/rose/roses Pink masculine/feminine/plurals Jaune/jaunes/jaune/jaunes Yellow masculine/feminine/plurals Rouge/rouges/rouge/rouges Red masculine/feminine/plurals Brun/bruns/brune/brunes Brown masculine/feminine/plurals La jeune fille/ le jeune garA§on The young girl/ the young boy Fier/ fiA?re Proud masculine/feminine Dernier/ derniA?re Last masculine/feminine Sportif/sportive Sporty masculine/feminine GA©nA©reux/gA©nA©reuse Generous masculine/feminine Bon/bonne Good masculine/feminine Bas/basse Low masculine/feminine Beau/belle Handsome/beautiful masculine/feminine Blanc/blanche White masculine/feminine Elle ai yeux noisette/ Il ai yeux noisette She has hazel eyes/he has hazel eyes Elle ai yeux marron/ Il ai yeux marron She has brown eyes/ He has brown eyes

Chapter 10 Muslim Civilization

Question Answer What was Mecca? Mecca was a city in Western Arabia. What are the Five Pillars? The Five Pillars are faith, prayer, alms, fasting, pilgrimage. What is something that Islam, Christianity and Judaism have in common? All three religions believe in heaven, hell and judgement day, monotheism and all religious text have similar meaning. What were believers of Islam called? Believers of Islam were called Muslims. What did the religion of Islam preach? Islam preached Muhammad's teachings and people are responsible for their own actions. Why were the Umayyad family driven out of power? Outspoken people drove them out of power because they didn't favor their riches. What were […]

Les adjectifs coluer

Masc single Masc plural Fem single Fem plural Rose Roses Rose Roses Bleu Bleus Bleue Blueues Brun Bruns Brune Brunes Rouge Rouges Rouge Rouges Noir Noirs Noire Noires Jaune Jaunes Jaune Jaunes


Stele An upright stone, usually taller than it is wide, often inscribed with some sort of governmental or religious message. Hierarchy When something is ranked or ordered. Social class would be an example of a hierarchy Rule of Law The idea that a set of laws are used to govern society, that people are not at the mercy of individuals – “might does not make right”. Polytheism Belief in more than one god Monotheism Belief in one god City State A city and the surrounding territory, like a mini country, often has own laws and rulers. Irrigation Human controlled movement and/or storage of water. Irrigation system included canals, dams, levees, […]


Question Answer chips onion apple grapes

Rise of Business

Question Answer Capitalism Economic system in which private business runs most industries, and competition determines how much goods cost and workers are payed. Free Enterprise Belief that economy will prosper if businesses are left free from government regulation and allowed to compete in a free market. Communism Political theory the proposes that all people should collectively own property and the means of production and that individual ownership should not be allowed. Social Darwinism Theory adapted by philosopher Herbert Spencer from Charles Darwin's theory of evolution; argued that society progresses through competition, with the fittest rising to positions of wealth and power Corporation Company that sells shares of ownership called stock […]


Question Answer WORRYING research published today revealed that many British pupils are being affected by dangerously low levels of sleep. The study, carried out by the University of Leeds, examined the effect of bedtime routines on your daily life. The findings revealed that 36% of primary school age children get eight hours or less sleep a night, while 15% get seven hours or less. For that age, it’s recommended that you do some 10 hours of snoozing every night.

Fry list 1 Fry list 1st 100 words

Term Definition the of and a to in is you that it he was for on are as with his they at be this have from or one had by words but not what all were we when your can said there use an each which she do how their if will up other about out many then them these so some her would make like him into time has look two more write go see number no way could people my than first water been called who oil sit now find long down day did get come made may part

Ger food

Question Answer Fruhstuck breakfast Mittagessen lunch Abendessen dinner (evening) ich trinke / trinke gern / trinke lieber I drink / like to drink / prefer to drink ich esse I eat Milch milk Wasser water Bier beer Fruchtsaft fruit juice Apfelsaft apple juice Orangensaft orange juice Joghurt yogurt Schinkenbrot ham sandwich Hahnchen chicken Kase cheese Nudeln pasta Erdbeeren strawberries Haferflocken muesli Salat salad Tomaten tomatoes Erbsen peas Kekse biscuits Kuchen cake Schokolade chocolate nichts nothing das schmekt mir gut / nicht gut it tastes good / not good das finde ich gesund / ungesund I find that healthy / unhealthy kostlich delicious lecker delicious Brot bread Ei / Eier egg(s) […]

Stack #2662582

Term Definition Dormir Sleep Estudiar Study La fiesta Party El grito Shout Hacer maquillaje To do makeup La tarea Homework Comer Eat La sesion de ejercicio Workout Pensar To think Leer Read Manejar To drive Hablar To talk El Regalo Present Quejarse Complain Ver Television Watch television Para hacer excusas To make excuses Llorar To cry Procrastinar Procrastinate Caminar Walk La palmada To clap

Lahme turule! 2.klass

Question Answer íà ðûíêå turul ôðóêò – ôðóêòû puuvili – puuviljad êîìïîò kompott õîðîøàÿ èäåÿ hea mote ïîìîãàòü aitama ÿ ñîãëàñåí olen nous ïðîñèòü paluma çàìå÷àòåëüíûé monus âàðåíüå moos àïåëüñèí – àïåëüñèíû apelsin – apelsinid àðáóç – àðáóçû arbuus – arbuusid ñëèâà – ñëèâû ploom – ploomid ÿáëîêî – ÿáëîêè oun- ounad ìàíäàðèí – ìàíäàðèíû mandariin – mandariinid âèøíÿ – âèøíè kirss – kirsid ïåðñèê – ïåðñèêè virsik – virsikud áàíàí – áàíàíû banaan – banaanid ãðóøà – ãðóøè pirn – pirnid ëèìîí – ëèìîíû sidrun – sidrunid âèíîãðàä – âèíîãðàä (ìí ÷) viinamari – viinamarjad êèâè – êèâè (ìí ÷) kiivi – kiivid àáðèêîñ – àáðèêîñû aprikoos – aprikoosid […]

the rise of big buis

Question Answer Capitalism an economic system where private companies run most industries and competition determines how much goods cost and workers are paid. Free Enterprise businesses are left free from government regulations. Communism a theory that individual ownership should not be allowed (everyone has the same amount of goods and services), Social Darwinism says that society progresses through competition with the most competitive rising to positions of wealth and power. Corporation a company that sells shares of stock to people in order to raise money. (those people then own a part of that company) Trust an arrangement where several companies turn over control to a single board of directors – […]

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Question Answer ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????????? ? ?????????? ??? ???????????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ???? ?????? ??? ???? ??? 14?? ?????. ??? ???????? ??? ???????????? ???? ?????. ??? ???????????????? ??? ?????? ? ??????????; ??????????? ????? ??? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ????????? ?? ???????? ??? ??????. ?? ????? ? ??????????; ?????????? ? ??????????? ????? ??? ?????????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ??? ??????????? ??? ??? ????????????? ??????????. ?? ?????????? ????? ??????????? ??????????? ??? ?????, ???? ??????? ??? ???? ??????????? ???. ????? ?????? ???????? ?????? ???????? ???? ??? ??????????; ????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??? ???? ???. ? ?????????, ? ???????? ??? ? ????????????? ???????? ?????? ??????. ?????????? ?????????? ???? ?? ???????? […]

the rise of buisness

Question Answer capitalism economic system where private companies run most industry and competition determines how much goods cost and workers are paid free enterprise businesses are left from government regulations communism theory that individual ownership should not be allowed social darwinism states that society progresses through competition, with the most competitive rising to positions of wealth and power corporation a company that sells stock to investors in order to raise money trust an arrangement where several companies turn over to a single board of directors to be run as a single company vertical integrety owning businesses involved in each step or a manufacturing process. horizontal integration ownership of several companies […]

Environment 2

Question Answer Cuidar To look after Ahorrar To save Malgastar To waste Limpiar To clean Tirar To throw Apagar To turn off Reducir To reduce Ayudar To help Construir To build DaA±ar To harm

Chapter 2 Notes

molesto annoying ir a la escuela go to school aprendar learn jugar play salir lastimado get hurt haz preguntas ask questions gemido whine querer want mirar television watch tv ir al cine go to the movies estudiar study jugar los videojuegos play video games dormir en clase sleep in class leer read correr run estar enferma get sick escuchar musica listen to music hacer tarea do homework estar con mis amigos hang with friends comer eat

RANDOM VOCAB it is a planty ofb random fancy words i fing usefull. Q in Polish soo like

Question Answer niewatpliwie undeniably wyrafinowany Sophisticated niedorzeczny Ludicrous fascynujacy Exhilarating Ambiguous

2.2 The Rise of Big Business-2

Question Answer Capitalism Capitalism is an economic system and an ideology based on private ownership of production Free Enterprise an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control. Communism a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war. Social Darwinism theories that emerged in the second half of the 19th century and tried to apply the evolutionary concept of natural selection to human society Corporation A form of business . Trust a group of companies turn control of their stock over a common board of trust Monopoly Let companies have a complete control over the product Vertical Integration the combination in one […]

Types of Government

Term Definition government has the power to make laws, solve arguments, and make decisions democracy "rule by the people" direct democracy every citizen votes on every decision; democracy for a small population republic representative democracy; people vote for leaders who make laws for them monarchy rule by king or queen absolute monarchy king or queen has total power constitutional monarchy power of king or queen is limited totalitarian rule by one political party theocracy nation's laws are based on religious ideas aristocracy small group of wealthy/educated people are in charge dictatorship single, unelected leader rules by force anarchy there is no government

4th Grade History Ch.11 Review

Question Answer What was the first plan of government that the states agreed upon after the War for Independence? Articles of Confederation Where was the Constitutional Convention held? Independence Hall in Philadelphia Why did the Articles of Confederation fail? It lacked the power to tax people What plan of government did the Constitutional Convention draw up? Constitution of the United States What did each state agree to give up when it signed the Constitution? its power to completely govern itself Who was elected the first President of the United States? George Washington Who was the first Vice President of the United States? John Adams What do we call the the […]


Question Answer Three rock types… Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. How are igneous rocks formed? Molten rock cools and solidifies- either deep within the crust or on the surface. What are intrusive (plutonic) rocks? Rocks formed when molten magma forces its way into rock cavities or between layers of other rocks. Then cools and solidifies deep in the crust of the earth. Eventually comes to the surface as a result of uplift and the removal of overlying rock. What are extrusive (volcanic) rocks? Formed when lava erupts from volcanoes or sea floor fissures. It then cools and solidifies on the surface. Two examples of igneous rocks…. Granite and Basalt. How are […]

Big business 6.2

Question Answer Capitalism Free Enterprise Communism Social Darwinism Corporation Trust Monopoly Vertical Integration Horizontal Integration Cornelius Vanderbilt Horatio Alger Jr. Andrew Carnegie John D. Rockefeller


Question Answer What is an earthquake? An earthquake is a sudden movement or shaking of the earth's crust. What's the point directly above the focus? The epicentre. What can occur after an earthquake? Aftershocks can occur after an earthquake. What are tremor's? Tremors are the vibrations that spread throughout the plate. What are the types of earthquakes that can occur? Transform, divergent, rifting and when plates subduct . What measures the seismic waves? a seismograph. What measures an earthquake? The Richter scale. How to predict an earthquake? Identifying earthquake zones and calculating the average time between earthquakes. What causes the destruction by earthquakes? The magnitude of the earthquake, the distance […]

Stack #2661153

Question Answer Capitalism economic system where the businesses runs most industries and competition thrives . Free Enterprise in a free market economy supply of goods , demand from buyers, and profits would determine what business made and how much of it . Communism a theory that individuals ownership should not be allowed . Social Darwinism states that society progresses through competition with the most competitive rising to position of wealth and power . Corporation a company that sells stock to investors in order to raise money . trust an arrangement where several companies turn control over to a single board of directors to be run as a single company. Vertical […]

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