Biology 5.1/ 5.2 Study Set

Question Answer What are the 4 stages of a cell? The 4 stages of a cell are: G1, S, G2, Mitosis What's the longest phase of the cell cycle? The longest phase of the cell cycle is Gap 1 (G1). It takes 16 years in order to go on to Synthesis. Why is the size of the cell limited? It's limited because it wouldn't be able to contain all of the organelles and molecules that it needs. Do cells die? Yes, cells do die. In order for them to die is if they get too full of something like if water or something that doesn't belong and then it bursts. […]

CIW lesson 1

Term Definition Cascading Style Sheets Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are rules in an external text file that determine how to display HTML elements in your Web pages. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Web page creation by any method requires a working knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Cloud computing is software services that are provided over the Internet, rather than at a company site.

Human Reproductive Human Reproductive System

Term Definition Gonad Is an organ that produces sex cells in animals. Testes Male gonad. Develop inside the body at first, but a few weeks before birth they descend in to the scrotum. Kept at 35 degrees. Seminiferous Tubules Inside the testes are lined with sperm producing cells. They all join to form the epididymis. Cells between the tubules produce testosterone. Epididymis All seminiferous tubules join to form here. Sperm mature and are stored here. It leads to the sperm duct (vas deferns) Sperm Duct Brings the sperm to the urethra. Urethra Sperm is brought by the sperm duct to here. It is responsible for carrying sperm and urine out […]

Diabetes Pregnancy

Question Answer Preexisting DM glucose goals – before and 1st trimester ac 60-1191 hr post prandial 100-149 Preexisting DM glucose goals – 2nd & 3rd trimester ac 60-991 hr post prandial <140 Gestational DM dx glucose tolerance Fasting >951 hr >1802 hr >1553 hr >140 High risk for Gestational DM hx large infantBMI>30hx of GDMstrong family hx T2High risk ethnicityPCOS Drugs category B – ok to use Lispro, aspart, detemir, regular, nphGlyburide, metformin Low risk for Gestational DM <25 yrs oldnormal weightNo family hx DMLow risk ethnicity Drugs Category C – may not be safe Glargine, glulisine

13 chapter13

Question Answer agonizing very painful energetic lively and active foresight wise planning interval space prosper to do well stive to make an effect substance material tolerance respect for others trait personal qualily withdraw take back

TERMINAL DICTADURAS (Lugares y formas de poder)

Question Answer poder pouvoir dictadura dictature Derechos humanos droits de l'homme Oponente opposant Candena perpetua prison a vie Violar violer dirigir diriger Asesinar assassiner raptar enlever desaparecer disparaitre Golpe de estado coup d'etat Asesinato assassinat desencadenar declencher razones politicas raisons politiques Desigualdades sociales inegalites sociaux elecciones elections condenar condamner secuestro enlever torturar torturer juzgar juger juez juge jueza juge desaparicion disparition luchar lutter violaciones violations enemigo ennemi juicio jugement derrocar deroquer encabezar etre en tete de establecerse s'etablir relaciones relations conseguir reussir apoyar soutenir fuerzas militares forces militaires miedo peur buscar chercher encontrar trouver perseguir persecuter estar embarazada etre enceinte dejar huella laisser trace sistema politico systeme politique ciudadanos citoyennes […]

Urinary system

Question Answer Are the kidneys inside or outside the peritoneal cavity? outside Where are kidneys located? T12-L3 On what wall are the kidneys fixed? abdominal wall Which muscle would you cut posteriorly to get to kidneys? Quadratus lumborum Whats the situation of hilum of kidney? antero-medially What are the renal sinuses filled with? perinephric fat Name the renal segments apical, anterosuperior, anteroinferior, posterior, inferior What must you remember when operating on kidneys? tie up accessory organs, additional blood supply. Where are the 3 narrowing of ureter? uretopelvic junction, crossing pelvic brim, traversing bladder wall. What's the most anteriorly situated organ in both females and males? bladder What is the bladder […]

Chapter 13

Term Definition agonizing very painful energetic lively and active foresight wise planning interval space prosper to do well strive to make effort subtance material tolarance respect for others trait personal quality withdraw take back

Chem workbook 4 Stack #2624487

Question Answer What is an isotope ? Atoms of elements which have different mass numbers and One mole is equal to __ grams? 12 What does it mean if something is polar ? It has a positive and negative end What is an ion? A charged particle which results from an atom gaining or losing electrons Covalent compounds exist as …. Molecules What does valency mean? Combining power Do ionic form between metals or non metals? Both Why do ions form and how do they do this IN order to give atoms a stable electron arangements. They do this by gaining or losing electrons What type of ions do metal […]

Stack #2604774

Question Answer Force Push or a pull Gravity The force that pulls objectos to the center of the earth Friction The force that stops something or slows it down Speed A measurement of distance overtime Inertia A remain at rest or in motion unless acted on by a force Motion How an objects position changes overtime accelaration A change in motion caused by a change in speed Velocity an objects speed in a particular direction


Term Definition viral an object or pattern that is quickly replicated and shared URL the address of a website Spyware a type of malware that unknowingly collects information from a computer Server a computer or series of computers that link other computers together and often store important information Malware computer software designed to harm a computer Https a protocol that is secure : used for websites that handle sensitive information such as payments and bank information Http a protocal or group of rules and functions that is used to transfer data over the world wide web Database a computer system that store enormous amount of data Cookie used to identify […]


Term Definition years a period of 365 days decades 10 year period centuries 100 year period events something of importance that happens multiple-tier timeline more than one line of events occurring in the same time period timeline a span of time between events and the order in which these events have occurred A.D. anno domini – in the year of the Lord C.E. common era

TY Spanish Spanish Week 1

Term Definition Hola. Hello/Hi ?Como esta usted? How are you? (formal) No mucho. Not much. ?Y tu? And you? (informal) Bien. Fine. Muy bien. Very well. Gracias. Thanks. Regular. So-so. Mas o menos. More or less. No estoy muy bien. I am not okay. Estoy (muy) mal. I am (very) bad. Lo siento. I'm sorry. Yo tambien. Me too. ?Como te llamas? What is your name? (informal) ?Como se llama? What is your name? (formal) ?Como se llaman? What are your names? (formal) Mucho gusto. Glad to meet you. Igualmente. You as well. Encantado. (masculine) Pleased to meet you. (said to a boy) Encantada. (feminine) Pleased to meet you. (said […]

The Egypt Game 21-23

Question Answer commotion a state of confused and noisy disturbance tension mental or emotional strain seclusion being private and away from other people errand a short trip taken to attend to some business speculate taking something to be true on the basis of insufficient evidence intrigue curiosity or interest

European economics Social studies

Term Definition Bartering A system of exchange whereby one good/service is given in return for another bartering is not require monetary exchange. Command economy An economic model of the government plant they all business and financial decisions Economic systems An economic model to determine what sugar is needed in terms of goods and services how and for whom. Entrepreneurship The capacity of private citizens to create new businesses independent of government direction or intervention Free enterprise Recreation maintenance and expansion of business outside control or influence of the government. Market or capitalist economy Economic model the laws of supply and demand (not government oversight)determine what's produced/consumed and at what costs. […]


Term Definition Testes produces the male sex cell in animals. They develop inside the baby until a few weeks before birth they descend into the scrotum. seminiferous tubules Inside the testes are lined with sperm producing cells and cells between the tubules produce the hormone testosterone. epididymis all the seminiferous tubules join to form the epididymis. The sperm mature and are sorted here. sperm duct and urethra The epididymis leads to the sperm duct(vas deferns). the sperm duct brings sperm to the urethra and the urethra carries the sperm and urine out of body

Reproduction Notes on Menstruation and Reproduction

Question Answer The old lining of the uterus breaks down and is shed from the body. The loss of this blood and tissue is called: Menstruation As the new egg is produced in the ovary by meiosis. The new egg is surrounded by The Graafian Follicle What hormone is produced by the Graafian Follicle Oestrogen The functions of Oestrogen It causes the endometrium to build up again and prevents the development of any more eggs On what day does Ovulation occur? Day 14 The egg that was released will die by day 16 if it is not fertilised. Thus days 12-16 are referred to as: The Fertile Period

5.1-5.2 guide

Question Answer What is the cell cycle? Regular pattern of growth, DNA, duplication, and cell division What are the phases in the cell cycle? Gap 1, S, Gap 2, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, and Cytokinesis What does Gap 1 do for the cell? In Gap 1 the cells and organisms increase in size What does Gap 2 do for the cell? In Gap 2 it will check that everything in the cell is functioning What does S stand for? Synthesis What does S do for the cell? In S the cell will make a copy of its Nuclear DNA What's Cytokinesis? Cytokenesis- divides the cell cytoplasm True or False. Can […]

reproductive system

Question Answer male hormone tesosterone female hormones oestrogen and progesterone male secondary sexual characteristics growth of facial, body and pubic hair.enlargement of larynxincreased muscle and bone development, growth spurt. sexual arousal penis becomes erect and vagina becomes lubracted copulation penis is inserted and moved around the vagina orgasm sperm is released, contractions of the vagina and uterus insemination release of sperm into the females body fertilisation the fusion of the egg and sperm nuclei to form a diploid zygote implantation occurs 6-9 days after fertilisation, zygote has grown to an embryo. placenta formation after implantation the embryo forms an outer layer called a chorian, the chorian develops to form the […]

Stack #2662708

Question Answer agonizing very painful energetic lively and active foresight wise planning interval space prosper to do well strive to make an effort substance material tolerance respect for others trait personal quality withdraw take back

biology revision revision on cell structure, cell continuity, and the human reproductive system

Question Answer what are living organisms are made up of cells what is cell membrane it is the boundary between the cell and the outside plasma membrane this is selectively permeable what does DNA stand for dexoxyribonnuclei acid what is chromatin it is a grainy material or some times as fine threads called chromatin what does the cell wall do this holds the contents in place by the cell wall what is mitochondria they are tiny rod-like structures with double membrane the inner which is folded where are chloroplasts found chloroplasts are only found in plants and have a complex structures what is the function of the nucleus controls all […]

chapter 11

Term Definition assume to believe conscious aware external outer incredible hard to believe internal inside maximum greatest protest to complain remedy treatment spectacle unusual sight verdict decision


Question Answer What are the the three main stages in Interphase? The three main stages of Interphase are G1, Synthesis, and G2 What happens in Interphase ? In Interphase G1 cell grow, Synthesis is the stage where the DNA is copied and G2 in cell continue to grow and check to make sure that everything is copied correctly. What might happen if the G1 checkpoint stopped working? If there is a cell that copied something differently it can be very damages to the organism because it can lead to cancer. Do you think that a skin cell would have a long or short G1 stage? Skin cell take about two […]

Inside the earth

Term Definition Crust The thin and solid outermost layer of earth above the mantle Mantle The layer of rock between the earths crust and core Core The central part of the earth below the mantle Lithosphere The solid, outer layer of the earth that consist of the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle Asthenosphere The soft layer of the mantle on which the tectonic plates move Mesosphere The strong, lower part of the mantle between the asthenosphere and the outer core Tectonic plate A block of lithosphere that consist of the crust and the rigid, outermost part of the mantle Continental drift The hypothesis that states that […]

Biology The cell cycle. Chapter 5.1 and 5.2

Question Answer How many stages are there in the cell cycle? There are 8 stages in the cell cycle. True or False ? Cell size is limited. Why are cells limited to size growth? If a cell more than double it's size before dividing the daughter cells would be larger than the original cell. True or False? Mitosis and Cytokinesis produce two genectically identical daughter cells. What are the 8 stages of the cell cycle ? Interphase* G1*Synthesis* G2Mitosis*Prophase*Metaphase*Anaphase*Telophase*Cytokinesis Why is the cell cycle important to us? In order for our bodies to grow and develope we need this cycle to continue in our bodies to keep producing proteins and […]

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